Copyright and Creative Licence



Dear readers
Thank you for your interest in my work. The creative journey is a valuable part of our lives and like you I appreciate that artists often work with ideas drawn from each other to inspire and develop our projects. Creative licence and artistic copyright is a complex area and difficult to monitor with so much accessible influence around us today from social media.
I like to share ideas and am happy for bloggers to use images of my material to inspire their work, which may also may be shared  with the appropriate acknowledgement on Pinterest, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and other forms of social media.

There are variables relating to the legality of design copyright and ownership that artists face to in todays modern world and protecting our ideas has become a tricky addition to the artistic copyright arena. There are many artists who are trying to make a living from their craft and for some it may be a meagre income until they become established at running their business. I believe it is the ‘ethical’ thing to do where possible, when sharing or using themes for inspiration from another’s work, to firstly acknowledge and promote the artist/author in all instances. If using a design or pattern, that it be purchased through authorised outlets or approved first by the artist and not simply copied or reprinted as often occurs.
On this blog I am the copyright holder of the material and  posted images unless otherwise stated. Therefore I would appreciate it, if anything you use could be linked back to this blog or my Facebook pages

    or Instagram at

and that you give the rightful acknowledgement for the images and/or the original creative designs. Finally if you could gain my consent before using my content to be published, copied, or reprinted I would be thankful for your thoughtfulness.

If you would like to learn more about copyright law (for artists) in Australia visit and read the Arts Law Information Sheet/Copyright for further information. For any other queries or if you would like patterns, kits or arrange a workshop to make any of the products posted on the Margie and Bert Studio go to my Teaching Schedule and/or Contact in the top menu. Please leave a short message or comment and I will reply.

Happy creative journeys to each everyone of you
My warmest blessings
Christine Lethlean

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