Social Networking

Being a relatively new social networker, I have had to come to terms with having an ‘online presence’ for the Margie and Bert Studio and all that comes with being connected on the internet. By trial and error I have had to learn quickly, ‘on the hop’ so to speak and I’ve discovered how to navigate my way around sites for ideas, instruction and troubleshooting support. I have been inspired by the professionalism of others and wondered how they posted their work or products so creatively. Today I spent time with friends Helen and her daughter Amanda who has shown me new ideas for downloading application/s (Apps) for Instagram and F/Book posts. Thank you so much for your support Amanda.

So excited and inspired from my day out I have been playing ever since. I went online when I got home and searched for some photo collaging tools to use on my IMac and found a free app that allowed me to play with images of my ‘Happy Hibiscus’ and ‘All In A Row’ designs and to produce these collages. Cxx
Happy Hibiscus Collage
All In A Row Collage