Barry J.

Dear readers
April was such a busy and somewhat crazy month with many activities on the go. I realised I haven’t posted any updates for a while but rest assured I have been creative nonetheless. I started this birthday project for my little nephew Barry J. in March at the Stawell Quilters Retreat at Cave Hill Beaufort Vic. I finally got it completed and in the post . . . . . a very belated gift but apparently he loved it when it arrived. I loved working on this appliqué project, inspired by the Carnival Tapestry of Emily Peacock and once again using a blend of fabrics that included some stars and spaceship prints and of course the gorgeous colours of DMC Perle 8 threads. Cxx
For more inspiration regarding Emily Peacock’s embroidery go to

Amy Grace

Dear readers
This week I completed this birthday project for a special little lady in our lives Amy Grace. She loves all things purple so working with the ‘All In A Row’ design I worked her favourite colours into this lovely pillow for her bed. Given that this will be in a child’s room I decided not to use needle turn and worked the appliqué on linen using blanket stitching which is more robust. I loved working on this project, using scraps of material and the gorgeous colours of DMC Perle 8 threads. For those who are interested, I am currently running classes at the Margie & Bert Studio for this design and I will be teaching versions of the same (with additional patchwork) on the 2016 Quilting, Patchwork and Paperwork Cruise. Cxx
PS Cruise details, go to

Note – the teddy bear in the bottom picture. This is last of many knitted teddies my Mother and Amy’s Gran (Margie) made. She used to knit these and send them to the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth. This one didn’t get that far but I am so glad to have it in my possession.

All In A Row Pillow

The ‘All In A Row’ Pillow design has proved very popular. I have commenced classes on this project in November, and feedback includes that “it is a very enjoyable project to work on”. I am mindful with Christmas approaching that people get busier and though I have had requests to run workshops for this project sooner than later, availability for most can be a challenge at this time of year. For those who are interested I have scheduled day classes (10.00 am – 4.00 pm) for the 19th and 28th February 2015 at the Margie and Bert Studio in Clunes and I will also travel to teach by request. Go to Summer Workshops and Fees for further info or contact me via f/book, email or on Instagram @margieandbert. Cxx


Vintage Flowers in Bloom 2

Dear Readers
I have been recently working with my graphic designer Lisa Lipshut who is helping me with my new pattern designs. Have a peek at her website at
I have had to do some updated photo shoots for a few of my newer projects and here is the Vintage Flowers in Bloom completed into a cushion. As with all my designs they are adaptable and can be made into wall hangings, framed artworks and soft furnishings. I am working on a ‘Block of the Month’ series for a quilt design and this pattern lends itself to be included. I will be commence classes for this project in early February and have scheduled the 5th and 14th Feb 2015 as starting dates. Go to Summer Workshops and Fees for further information and let me know if you are interested. Cxx


Ticking Hearts

The excitement of opening the studio doors is gently quietening down and the sewing space is beckoning my attention. I have got myself back into the zone and have been busy working on a new project called ‘Ticking Hearts’. A departure from my usual bright colours and bold designs, however the subtlety of hearts appliquéd onto a striped background is working well for me today and I feel some country style energy with this pattern and design. Just what my spirit needs Cxx


Vintage Flowers in Bloom


I have to say I have loved working on this project. The design is taken from my original work ‘Flowers in Bloom’ and worked up with needle turn and woollen appliqué in vintage prints and colour themes. It looks completely different to the first piece. I also added the pieced patchwork border trim for extra character and it too has worked well in the overall finish. This project is now finished as a cushion but as with most of my designs they can be adapted to suit cushions, wall hangings or framed work. I am currently working on a piece to cover a seat on an antique chair which looks lovely. Truthfully though, I think it will only be for show as a piece of artwork. FYI and regarding patterns and kits, I am updating my business logo so when this is complete I can start work on getting my new patterns printed. Patterns, kits and workshops available soon.

A Floral Table Runner

I have just finished a new appliqué design for a table runner and it has come up a treat. The simplicity of this design, the colours and the little patchwork trim along the hem gives it a distinctive look and warm feel. Patterns, kits and workshops available soon. Cxx


All in a Row

Quote ” . . . .and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom” Anais Nin

How beautiful is the truth to these words and apt for my new project. I am busy with a new appliqué design called ‘All in a Row’ and it is coming along colourfully as expected. Working on course linen this design incorporates needle turn and woollen appliqué, embroidery and hexagon patchwork. Patterns, kits and workshops available soon . . . . stay posted Cxx


Vintage Squares


Quote – “But the kitchen will not come into its own again until it ceases to be a status symbol and becomes again a workshop. It may be pastel. It may be ginghamed as to curtains and shining with copper like a picture in a woman’s magazine. But you and I will know it chiefly by its fragrances and its clutter. At the back of the stove will sit a soup kettle, gently bubbling, one into which every day are popped leftover bones and vegetables to make stock for sauces or soup for the family. Carrots and leeks will sprawl on counters, greens in a basket. There will be something sweet-smelling twirling in a bowl and something savory baking in the oven. Cabinet doors will gape ajar and colored surfaces are likely to be littered with salt and pepper and flour and herbs and cheesecloth and pot holders and long-handled forks. It won’t be neat. It won’t even look efficient. but when you enter it you will feel the pulse of life throbbing from every corner. The heart of the home will have begun once again to beat.” Phyllis McGinley

You would have to agree that there is something ‘levelling’ about this quote. When I read it, it warmed my heart as much as working with the red and white gingham in these projects. I was transported to a place in my childhood in the 50s where this fabric was widely available in a range of colours, economical to buy and used often to decorate. When I see gingham in a home it feels unpretentious and welcoming, warm and simple. 

Wild Abandon

IMG_6156A colourful floral design that I have enjoyed developing using flowers, leaves and stems  in a naive artistic fashion. All cushions are backed with bright bold colours of similar hues to the cover design. Measurement approx. 22″ x 22″. Pattern currently available for $10 (AUD) plus postage and classes available by arrangement. Cushion completed with feather down insert $180 (AUD) plus postage