Buttonmania – An experience

Dear readers
On my birthday earlier this month my daughter and I took a trip into Melbourne to visit a fabulous button shop called Buttonmania. Buttonmania is situated in the historic Nicholas Building at 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne and is owned by Kate Boulton. There is a quaint and timeless feel to the shop that provides a range of mostly European ‘high-end’ and vintage Buttons. There is of course a good selection of budget-priced buttons for craft projects. Kate’s knowledge, and eye for detail are widely appreciated by her customers. She has 35 years of combined experience with dressmaking and crazy patchwork quilting. Kate enjoys the combining of different mediums, and enjoys the challenges that her customers bring to her. If you can’t find what you need, Kate can point you in the right direction.

I have been busy creating and working up some winter necklaces and pendants with my new stock, embellishing with woollen felt and simple stitching and pleased with the results Cxx

For more information visit http://buttonmania.com.au/pages/about-us

Christmas Orders

Dear readers, thank you for your interest in the Liberty Links and Felted Wool button necklaces. They have proved to be very popular and already orders are coming in for Christmas which is only a month away and another workshop is booked. I have been busy today processing orders for necklaces and kits and things are going well with my sanity so far considering the fiddly work it takes to create each one. I have had to adjust the price per item with a slight increase on finished items however this does not affect workshops or kits. Christmas orders that need posting are now being taken up to 19/12/14.

As from 17/11/14 the cost per item is as follows
* Liberty Links Necklaces $50 – $60 (depending on length) plus postage and handling
* Felted Wool Necklaces $45 – $50 (depending on length) plus postage and handling

Lengths vary according to how long you would like your necklace to be. They start at 42 cm (16.5″) drop and can be as long as a 60cm (24″) drop.

Wishing you a lovely day in creativity Cxx


Liberty Links Necklace

Quote “Shopping at Liberty is an experience to savour . . . . . a perfect clash of innovation, tradition and English eccentricity.” – Time Out Of London

As any ‘Liberty lover’ would know, working with Liberty fabrics is a divine experience. I have always loved the subtle designs and beautiful range of colours and feel of the fabric. I am loathe to waste any left over bits and I often ponder what to do with my very small pieces. In the meantime I have had them stashed in the cupboard knowing that “one day I will find a meaningful purpose”. Well recently I had a light bulb moment and discovered the perfect use. I now incorporate small circles of Liberty into my button and felt jewellery projects. Its a pain staking and slow process but I get so much satisfaction knowing that nothing about this precious fabric is wasted. The necklaces have proved to be so popular and I am now busy completing orders from all over. I recently entered some of my projects into the annual Clunes Agricultural Society Show 2014 and this Liberty Links Pendant won a first prize along with some very positive feedback.

For those who are interested in a workshop I have kits and patterns ready and will run classes on request. Please refer to the Spring/Summer Workshops and Fees post.

Order items now for Christmas as I have them available for $50 plus postage and handling.
Happy creating Cxx


Felted Button Necklace


I have just finished some more button necklaces and this one is very popular when I go to markets. It is a colourful and bright accessory and when ever I wear mine I always receive comments. I have cut felted wool into circles and threaded a button on either side. Sometimes I embellish the wool with embroidery however to be cost effective I often keep it plain and simple and save the extra work for consignments or a special gift. I use recycled and vintage buttons and it is a great way to put to use those ‘unwanted buttons’ that often stay in the jar! The strands come in a variety of colours, are an approximate 62cm drop and retail for $35 (AUD) plus postage and handling. I will running workshops on button jewellery making in November, so stay posted for dates once confirmed. Cxx

Love a button designs


Quote ” Buttons are like mothers . . . .they hold everything together” Author unknown.

I have been back to my button jewellery for a bit of a break from textile work and just love working with this medium. I took a few pieces along to a recent retreat. The ladies loved them and I have a few bookings for classes as a result and wish to thank everyone sincerely for your ongoing support.

Love a button designs


“Even the simplest things had a glorious pointlessness to them. When buttons came in, about 1650, people couldn’t get enough of them and arrayed them in decorative profusion on the backs and collars and sleeves of coats, where they didn’t actually do anything. One relic of this is the short row of pointless buttons that are still placed on the underside of jacket sleeves near the cuff. These have been purely decorative and have never had a purpose, yet 350 years later on we continue to attach them as if they are the most earnest necessity.” 
― Bill Bryson

Love a button designs


I have for a long time had a love of buttons. My mother used to have a collection of them in the drawer of her Singer treadle sewing machine. They fascinate me and I go on special shopping missions in Melbourne for lovely old buttons, including visiting the famous’Button Lady’ at the weekend Camberwell Markets and Buttonmania in the beautiful Nicholas Building in Swanston Street. Go to http://www.buttonmania.com.au/‎. I am surrounded by buttons in my studio.  I put them in jars to look at, I play with them artistically, create costume jewellery and use them to enhance my embroidery pieces. Cxx