Artist Challenge Day 5

Dear readers
Today is the final day, day 5 of the F/Book Artists Challenge. Thank you #JudyNewman from A Very Fine house for your nomination. I have loved looking at the textile work that has been posted and in the process I have also discovered a variety of artists around the globe who were involved in similar art challenges. Thank you also to those I nominated who were not able to participate, for getting back to me and letting me know. It has been a great week of sharing.
Today I am showing some simple projects including some paper craft, I have made focussing on my love of Gingham. Some of the earliest items I made as a child were sewn on this timeless fabric and to this day the memory of gingham comforts me in a strange sort of way. Today I nominate a lovely young artist friend of mine #AlisonByrne to show her talent. Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy the warm weather Cxx

Artists Challenge Day 4

Dear readers
4 days ago I was nominated by designer/quilter Judy Newman to participate in the 5 day F/Book Artist Challenge. I have really enjoyed anticipating my daily post and pondering on the journey that each project has taken me thus far. Today my focus is on a design that has become very popular called ‘All In A Row’. I will be teaching versions of this project on the 2016 Quilting, Patchwork and Paper-craft Cruise. Go to for more information about this.

As with all my designs I have a process before they reach pattern and print stage. Using a visual diary I sketch my ideas first, then I work with colours, using pastels, water colours or acrylics to get a sense of how the design may look with textiles. As an artist I love each step and get to practice additional skills working with mixed media.
Todays post includes an original water colour of ‘All In A Row’ and two versions that highlight some of the numerous embroidery techniques that can be used in this project . Cxx

Artists Challenge Day 3

Dear readers
Today is Day 3 of the F/Book Artists Challenge. Thanks again #JudyNewman for the nomination because I have really enjoyed sifting through my projects and playing with the camera. Today I present another two designs. ‘Mixed Bunch’ one of my earlier pieces has been one of my most enjoyable naive appliqué projects using felted wool and cotton prints on a linen/cotton background. I am currently adapting this design for needle turn. The second design ‘Tiny Hearts’ was also a joy to work up with the bright and bold colours and has been a popular pattern. The third item is a vintage button necklace I made using beautiful buttons from the 1930’s. It is a treasure in my jewellery box and I always get such lovely feedback when I wear it. Today I nominate #LizMcMahon to participate. Cxx

Artist Challenge Day 2.

Dear readers
Its Day 2 of the F/Book Artists Challenge. Today I present three more designs and items I have made. The cushions are based on my Flowers in Bloom design. The cushion with the green trim is the original piece of work using this design and sewn using woollen felt appliqué throughout. The second version ‘Vintage Flowers in Bloom’ has been adapted for needle turn appliqué and here I used printed fabrics with a hint of vintage. I love this design as it can be adapted to suit cushions, wall hangings, framed work, etc. The third item the very popular Liberty Links Pendants is made with Liberty fabric scraps and felted wool and buttons. Today I nominate Sylvia Frazer from Time To Stitch to participate. Cxx

Artist Challenge – Day 1.

Dear readers,
Today I have been tagged by the very talented quilting designer Judy Newman to take part in a 5 day artists challenge. It is a great way to network and promote your work on F/Book. The idea of the challenge is to post 3 pieces of (my) work per day for 5 days. With each post you acknowledge the person who nominated you and tag a new artist. You can use your own designs however if you are using someone else’s pattern or design, acknowledge and promote their work in the post.

It appears quite a number of quilters are involved in this particular challenge of which I wouldn’t call myself, however I do love working with ‘all things textile’ including embroidery, appliqué, patchwork, jewellery and mixed media on canvas. Most who know my work know that naive floral still life in bold colours is my most favoured of themes. For Day 1. here are two of my designs called ‘Wild Abandon’ and ‘Happy Hibiscus appliquéd on linen using felted wool, cotton and silk. The third is an item of jewellery I made, a woollen felt and vintage button pendant.

Essentially the way I work and how I prefer to teach is to encourage students to randomly play with my designs , setting structure aside, having fun and allowing colour and texture to evolve. Today I would like to invite #FionaHawdon from Peaceful Threads to take part. Cxx