Creative Ethics



Dear readers
Thank you for your interest in my work. The creative journey is a valuable part of my life and now days is my main source of income. I am an artist, teacher and designer and co-direct the Red Door Gallery [on fraser] in Clunes Victoria.

Like you I appreciate that we artists, often work with ideas inspired from art classes and workshops we attend to evolve our artistic expression. In this context, creative licence and artistic copyright is a complex area and difficult to monitor. Add to this  a  host of  accessible influences around us today such as  social media platforms and the internet and we have a potential for imitation.
Like most teachers, I like to share ideas and am generally agreeable for photographs of my work to be taken   to inspire  and encourage creativity.  I do request however that the appropriate and correct acknowledgement be given if sharing the ideas and/or posting images of my work on Pinterest, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and other forms of social media.

There are a myriad of contexts relating to the legality of design copyright and ownership that artists are challenged with in todays modern world and protecting our creative ideas has become a tricky addition in the creative ethics  arena. Like me there are many artists who are making a living from their craft and for some it may be a meagre income until they become established at running their business. I believe it is morally correct, where possible, when sharing or using themes for inspiration from another’s work, to firstly acknowledge and promote the primary artist/author in all instances. Likewise if using a design or pattern, that it be purchased through authorised outlets or approved first by the artist and not simply copied or reprinted as often occurs.
On this webpage I am the copyright holder of the material and  posted images unless otherwise stated. Therefore I would appreciate it, if you use my ideas that a polite acknowledgement be given.. Finally, if you could gain my consent before using my artistic content to be published, copied, or reprinted I would be thankful for your thoughtfulness.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 7.03.45 pm.png

If you would like to learn more about copyright law (for artists) in Australia visit and read the Arts Law Information Sheet/Copyright for further information. For any other queries or if you would like patterns, kits or arrange a workshop to make any of the products posted here, go to my Teaching Program  or Contact Me and  leave a short message or comment and I will reply.

Happy creative journeys
Christine Lethlean xx

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