Christine Lethlean 0085

The Margie and Bert Design Studio, is a creative space and working studio, established by Victorian based textile artist Christine Lethlean. With a love of  ‘all things fabric’ and a flair for working with colour, textures and fibres, Christine’s artistic expression is followed by those who appreciate individual and unique style.  Her work is a distinctive mix of her own ideas  and inspiration drawn from environs and  themes both locally and from around the globe. She uses a blend of diverse techniques including embroidery, machine drawing, thread painting, simple straight stitch, printing and mark making. Whilst Christine appreciates the scope of fabrics available on the market, her underpinning ethos is to repurpose and recycle and the resources she uses are often sourced from discarded and unloved pieces, kindly donated, shared or found.

“We live in a world of  the throw away, the disposable. We also live in a time when fear of missing out, propels insane shopping sprees, where cupboards spill over with projects that never get started or completed. For a moment in time I want to stop that and just allow what resources I have at hand to guide me, not the other way round!.  There is something sacred and reflective about handling fabrics and embroidered pieces that have been collected on ones travels, that were  once cherished or created by another. There is this whole other layer to the story of my artwork, one that I love to share”

Christine’s exhibition and commissioned work is designed and handcrafted in her studio and exhibited at an accessible price range without compromising the many hours work that is in each piece. She is committed to sustainable practice where possible, discovering unique finds in her local landscape, shopping locally for resources and supporting charities when purchasing for up-cycled and re-purposed ideas.


 (Written courtesy –  Australian Quilters Companion Magazine 2017)