Ode to Margaret Preston


For some time it has oft been quoted “your work reminds me of Margaret Preston’s art”. Maybe it’s my love of flowers that brings this appreciation of Margaret’s work to the fore of the viewers mind, Im not sure, however I am honoured that in this small and humble recognition I am linked to her name.

I decided earlier this year that  I would produce a small body of work in her honour and here it is in July and I am on to my third piece.  I too have long admired the ability of this exceptionally talented woman, one of whom I consider to be Australia’s best and most versatile modernist artists. In particular, inspired by her earlier block printing and her use of subtle colour with this technique, then her interpretation of a floral still-life on canvas,  Im enjoying how my work using textiles and thread to capture aspects and features of her work that have ‘grabbed me’,  is evolving. Cxx






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