Family Collaborations

Deciding on a tree change Daughter No1. (as in age not favouritism) came to live in Clunes a few months ago.  In fact Nasci came right on back home! Wanting some regional experience  and a new direction away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne,  she has relocated indefinitely, working locally, continuing on with her studies and settling into home and the community as if she has always been here. Of course I’m  loving having her energy around and the studio has now become a shared space.


Both my daughters Nasci and Gabrielle have always been creative. They have had exposure to my work  and ‘workings’ as an artist growing up and both went on to do very well in art at college. Gabby went on to study Fine Arts at Curtain University in WA and although she did not complete she produced some amazing work in her time there. Strangely, but maybe not,  neither really developed stitching skills despite being surrounded by fabrics and threads when they were little.


Things changed somewhat when we moved from WA and I established the studio in Clunes. Over time with occasional visits on weekends the girls took an interest in how my work was evolving. Liking what she saw, with encouragement I got Nasci back to the machine to experience free motion machine drawing  and she ‘fell in love’ with what she could achieve. Our creative partnership began to flourish and now my new boarder is loving working with textiles and slowly understanding the pleasures to be had from stitching by hand and with her trusty 1972 Bernina Minimatic. Not a day goes by where we do not share ideas and feel inspired to work together when we have the time.


Joining in on the Monday and Tuesdays in the studio has exposed Nasci to the ways in which the variety of women who visit, work with fabrics and thread, by hand and machine and I have seen her knowledge, creativity and confidence grow in leaps and bounds in a very short time.


In fact she has moved very fast, developing her new business ‘Clarity Designs’ and is now showing her work at markets and soon to exhibit in the 2017 Regional Tidy Towns Art Trail. Nasci graduated in 2016 as a Counsellor. Her aspirations are to study Art Therapy in the future. Her exposure to a working studio, the diversity of those that come and go, listening to  and sharing the stories of others as they  create and work has inspired her immensely and provided a sense of belonging that is not often experienced outside of small communities whatever they might be.


On another level I have to constantly remind myself that she is 32, (independent and autonomous), that daughters don’t always make good students and that patience and persistence on my part is still required. I love the influence that Nasci brings.  She makes me laugh a lot and she brings a youthful perspective to mine.  She has her tastes  and I have mine but we make them work when we are nutting out ideas. We both love colour and textures. I love it that we can sit down at the end of the day and  watch TV together while we stitch.  Sometimes we cry or we we talk about life and learning. We have the odd cranky moments with each other but we forgive too and much quicker now because we have creative things that are pressing and we have inspirations to get on with and that is just the best thing a Mother could have. We are blessed



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