Textile Art @ Millrose

Tuesday 17th February was the kick off date  for the ‘Making Art With Textiles’ workshop at the beautiful Millrose Quilting and Gallery in Ballan, Victoria.  https://www.millrosecottage.com.au/quilting.

It was fabulous to be teaching at this inspiring venue and to start the first of ongoing classes, there were 9 participants in the first workshop.  I was delighted to know that students had come from near and far and attended because they had found my work online, heard about me via the creative grapevine and others had been inspired by some of my exhibited work. Not to forget to mention Jacqui M. and Maureen T.  who are regular attendants to my Monday Sit & Stitch @ The Studio in Clunes. The lovely Tuesday staff at Millrose, Emily and Nat attended to our every need and made us all feel so welcome and  cared for, not to forget to mention our lunch next door at Millrose Cottage was ‘deliciously divine’ as always.

At the beginning of class examples of work were displayed to inspire the students and  most opted to  work on a larger piece, a floral still life, as their first project. Nothing like starting off with a huge challenge first off, I thought to myself. Highlighting at the beginning of the day that the process was iterative, organic and one of individual artistic choice (no patterns to follow), I was thrilled to find that the new techniques were embraced by most. I think it fair to say there were a few frustrating moments at times when students were challenged to break out of their usual colour ways, styles and stitching techniques.

With the initial stages of  sizing, colours, fabric and layout achieved the next phase to progress was the stitching. Commencing with simple basting and a range of embroidery stitches  I introduced free motion machine drawing in the afternoon session. Some were old hands to this technique and progressed their work easily, whilst others needed tuition.  For those new to machine drawing, once they accepted that going ‘out of the lines’ is accepted, common and  enhancing,  most were on their way creatively and with addictive passion.

All in all it was a wonderful creative day. There were certainly many milestones to celebrate as each piece evolved and the feedback indicated that the workshop was enjoyable and most wanted to continue on and come back to complete their pieces.

As much as I am the teacher in these situations, I am always on the receiving end of being inspired by the beautiful work that is  produced in every class. Students never cease to amaze me and the  teacher/student divide collapses where we ‘become one’ in the creative moment, time and time again.

Thank you so much for choosing to create with me. Cxx



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