‘A Change of Heart’

Definition – “Triptych” has come to us from the Greek “triptychos,” formed by combining “tri-” (“three”) and “ptyche” (“fold” or “layer”). Although “triptych” originally described a specific type of Roman writing tablet that had three hinged panels, it makes sense that the word was adopted first for a three-paneled painting, and then to include anything composed of three parts. “Triptych” can even be used as a synonym for “trilogy.”

Dear readers
Creative ideas are in my mind continually and with an effort to continue work on the sewn heart series, this is my latest piece in progress. Titled ‘A change of heart’ the three hearts in this triptych have been worked up using free motion machine sewing, simple hand stitching and appliqué. The background features a dimensional surface that has been worked with acrylic texture medium and lightly rubbed with graphite. I have loved working on the sewn heart series, a slow and gradual process of stitching, layering, and printing using a range of mixed media as ideas evolve in context to my love of all things stitched Cxx


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