A Journey with Oils

Quote “There is a difference in painting things and learning to paint.” David Leffel

Dear readers,
This year amid numerous other projects I have on the go I have made a commitment to learn how to paint with oils. I have preferred drawing and working with water colours or acrylics in the past. Since arriving in Clunes and reducing hours at work I now have the time, space and inspiration to get going. To start off I found myself a very talented teacher in Robyn Kittelty Redman who resides in Ballarat and who is one of very few who offer weekly classes. A ‘rare’ vacancy arose which to my delight given the long wait list, I am in.

So our first semesters work has been a mixture of landscape and portraiture and all things to do with technique. I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed my first couple of terms work and strangely feel in my element despite the lingering smell of turpentine and the mess I find myself in.
In exploring oil products I have also come to learn very quickly that good quality oil paints are much more expensive than say water colours and acrylics, so I am going to have to learn to be much more economical when mixing my palette.I also have to be more vigilant with looking after my paint brushes. Anyway I have still got some way to go with my ‘first ever’ oils but love my efforts so far. I have learnt much. Move over beloved Picasso, I am on my way. Watch this space Cxx

For more info regarding Robyn Kittelty Redman go to http://www.robynkitteltyredman.com.au/robyn/robyn.asp


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