Artist Challenge – Day 1.

Dear readers,
Today I have been tagged by the very talented quilting designer Judy Newman to take part in a 5 day artists challenge. It is a great way to network and promote your work on F/Book. The idea of the challenge is to post 3 pieces of (my) work per day for 5 days. With each post you acknowledge the person who nominated you and tag a new artist. You can use your own designs however if you are using someone else’s pattern or design, acknowledge and promote their work in the post.

It appears quite a number of quilters are involved in this particular challenge of which I wouldn’t call myself, however I do love working with ‘all things textile’ including embroidery, appliqué, patchwork, jewellery and mixed media on canvas. Most who know my work know that naive floral still life in bold colours is my most favoured of themes. For Day 1. here are two of my designs called ‘Wild Abandon’ and ‘Happy Hibiscus appliquéd on linen using felted wool, cotton and silk. The third is an item of jewellery I made, a woollen felt and vintage button pendant.

Essentially the way I work and how I prefer to teach is to encourage students to randomly play with my designs , setting structure aside, having fun and allowing colour and texture to evolve. Today I would like to invite #FionaHawdon from Peaceful Threads to take part. Cxx

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