DMC . . . . . . a history

Quote “From one fine thread a work of art is born”

Dear readers
Anyone who knows my work will know how much I love working with DMC Perle 8 threads. The colour, the strength of the thread and the lustre add a certain look to my designs and embroidery style. I also love history and enjoy finding relevant information about the products I love and use. Here is a brief background of the origins of DMC threads that I’ve downloaded and thought some of you may like to read. Cxx

More than 250 years ago, in 1746 art and business joined hands when the 23 year old artist, Jean-Henri DOLLFUS started a joint venture with two equally young entrepreneurs Jean-Jacques SCHMALZER and Samuel KOECHLIN. Capitalizing on the fashion trend at the time of painted fabrics and Jean-Henri’s talent, they were the very first to manufacture hand painted Indian prints in Europe.For many years the business was a fabric printing business only, and run jointly by the two brothers, Jean-Henri and Jean DOLLFUS. Long before globalization became the buzzword that it is today, these men had an international vision for their company, exporting their fabrics to all parts of the world.Near the end of the 18th century Jean-Henri DOLLFUS’ nephew, Daniel DOLLFUS took over the reins of the business. In the spring of 1800, he married Anne-Marie MIEG and joined his wife’s name onto his own, as was often the custom in those days. That same year he gave the company the new trade name of DOLLFUS-MIEG & Compagnie, or D.M.C.

It was while completing his studies in Leeds, England that Dollfus junior discovered the invention of the chemist JOHN MERCER – “mercerising” – the process of passing the cotton thread through caustic soda thereby modifying the cotton and giving its strength, longevity and silky appearance.It was also in the 19th century that DMC established strong links with the famous embroiderer, Therese de DILLMONT. The friendship between this talented woman and Jean DOLLFUS-MIEG led her to move to Dornach, a town close to Mulhouse, where she founded her own embroidery school in close cooperation with DMC. Therese’s greatest success was her Encyclopedia of Ladies’ Handicrafts, which was published in 1886 and translated and distributed to seventeen countries.
Both world wars slowed down production, and in 1961 the company merged with THIRIEZ & CARTIER BRESSON. The new company kept the trade name of DMC, with THIRIEZ & CARTIER BRESSON contributing the now famous horse’s head.

Today the DMC Group remains an international organization manufacturing consumer threads, industrial thread and textile related products. The company’s commitment to quality and creativity remains as strong now as it was in the 18th century.
The Dollfus family’s early motto remains alive today: TENUI FILO MAGNUM TEXITUR OPUS
“From one fine thread a work of art is born”

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The Sewn Heart Series

Quote “From the manner in which a woman draws her thread at every stitch of her needlework, any other woman can surmise her thoughts”. ~Honore de Balzac

Dear readers
As I come to the end of unpacking boxes and finding a home for some of my art work on the walls and equipment in the studio, I have been inspired to make some space, get the easel out and take up with some textile art again.
Last year I started on the Sewn Heart Series, a collective work representing how sewing, textiles and art form continues to come together for me. So I thought as I start work on other pieces to complete the series I will explore the theme using a variety of mediums and play with a few different techniques as I go.

This is the third in the series titled ‘My mothers Lesson’. In a collage of three simple pieces, using personal reflections, print on fabric and naive stitching this work highlights memories of my Mother teaching me how to sew on her Singer treadle sewing machine and my very first basic stitching steps which lead to a subsequent journey with sewing and relationship to the needle and thread. Cxx

Creswick Market

Dear readers
The Central Goldfields region of Victoria hosts some amazing farmers and art & craft markets throughout the year and judging from events I have attended so far, they are worth the trip and a day out. As a result I have made it a new years focus to visit and support local markets in the area a little more frequently both as a trader and patron. So kicking off the year, today was the local Creswick Community Market.
I set up a stall in the hall along with some other very talented artists and it was a very inspiring atmosphere. From the outset things went well, everything was organised, easy to access and from what I got see there were a great mix of stallholders, fresh produce and musicians for background entertainment. The atmosphere was relaxed and given that we have just recovered from the festive season and most are still on holidays I was surprised so many people were out and about. We even had a spot of sunshine which was pleasant. Thank you to my loyal customers and also to those who stopped by and had a chat, inquired about the Margie and Bert Studio, workshops and placed orders. Your support at the local level is valuable and your feedback was very inspiring. Well done to the Creswick Community Centre team who made it all happen and I would love to be invited to trade again. Cxx

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Social Networking

Being a relatively new social networker, I have had to come to terms with having an ‘online presence’ for the Margie and Bert Studio and all that comes with being connected on the internet. By trial and error I have had to learn quickly, ‘on the hop’ so to speak and I’ve discovered how to navigate my way around sites for ideas, instruction and troubleshooting support. I have been inspired by the professionalism of others and wondered how they posted their work or products so creatively. Today I spent time with friends Helen and her daughter Amanda who has shown me new ideas for downloading application/s (Apps) for Instagram and F/Book posts. Thank you so much for your support Amanda.

So excited and inspired from my day out I have been playing ever since. I went online when I got home and searched for some photo collaging tools to use on my IMac and found a free app that allowed me to play with images of my ‘Happy Hibiscus’ and ‘All In A Row’ designs and to produce these collages. Cxx
Happy Hibiscus Collage
All In A Row Collage

Stitching Fun

Quote” A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves” Marcel Proust

Dear Readers
Following on from this quote and trusting that you’ve all a cool place to retreat to whilst the hot weather bears down on us in Victoria, I hope the start of 2015 is going well for you. For the last couple of days I have perched myself under the air conditioner and I’ve been catching up on a bit of embroidery to pass the time until I can get out into the garden again. I have been enjoying working up some new stitches to include in my woollen appliqué projects and as always love the meditation in stitching. Hope you are all finding a creative moment or two now that the festivities have passed. Cxx