Christmas Orders

Dear readers, thank you for your interest in the Liberty Links and Felted Wool button necklaces. They have proved to be very popular and already orders are coming in for Christmas which is only a month away and another workshop is booked. I have been busy today processing orders for necklaces and kits and things are going well with my sanity so far considering the fiddly work it takes to create each one. I have had to adjust the price per item with a slight increase on finished items however this does not affect workshops or kits. Christmas orders that need posting are now being taken up to 19/12/14.

As from 17/11/14 the cost per item is as follows
* Liberty Links Necklaces $50 – $60 (depending on length) plus postage and handling
* Felted Wool Necklaces $45 – $50 (depending on length) plus postage and handling

Lengths vary according to how long you would like your necklace to be. They start at 42 cm (16.5″) drop and can be as long as a 60cm (24″) drop.

Wishing you a lovely day in creativity Cxx


One thought on “Christmas Orders

  1. Is it still possible to order one of your lovely liberty links necklaces and, if so, how might I go about doing this! Kind regards..


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