Liberty Links Necklace

Quote “Shopping at Liberty is an experience to savour . . . . . a perfect clash of innovation, tradition and English eccentricity.” – Time Out Of London

As any ‘Liberty lover’ would know, working with Liberty fabrics is a divine experience. I have always loved the subtle designs and beautiful range of colours and feel of the fabric. I am loathe to waste any left over bits and I often ponder what to do with my very small pieces. In the meantime I have had them stashed in the cupboard knowing that “one day I will find a meaningful purpose”. Well recently I had a light bulb moment and discovered the perfect use. I now incorporate small circles of Liberty into my button and felt jewellery projects. Its a pain staking and slow process but I get so much satisfaction knowing that nothing about this precious fabric is wasted. The necklaces have proved to be so popular and I am now busy completing orders from all over. I recently entered some of my projects into the annual Clunes Agricultural Society Show 2014 and this Liberty Links Pendant won a first prize along with some very positive feedback.

For those who are interested in a workshop I have kits and patterns ready and will run classes on request. Please refer to the Spring/Summer Workshops and Fees post.

Order items now for Christmas as I have them available for $50 plus postage and handling.
Happy creating Cxx


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