Vintage Flowers in Bloom


I have to say I have loved working on this project. The design is taken from my original work ‘Flowers in Bloom’ and worked up with needle turn and woollen appliqué in vintage prints and colour themes. It looks completely different to the first piece. I also added the pieced patchwork border trim for extra character and it too has worked well in the overall finish. This project is now finished as a cushion but as with most of my designs they can be adapted to suit cushions, wall hangings or framed work. I am currently working on a piece to cover a seat on an antique chair which looks lovely. Truthfully though, I think it will only be for show as a piece of artwork. FYI and regarding patterns and kits, I am updating my business logo so when this is complete I can start work on getting my new patterns printed. Patterns, kits and workshops available soon.

A Floral Table Runner

I have just finished a new appliqué design for a table runner and it has come up a treat. The simplicity of this design, the colours and the little patchwork trim along the hem gives it a distinctive look and warm feel. Patterns, kits and workshops available soon. Cxx



Dear readers,
Another week is on our doorsteps and it is dawning on me that Xmas is fast approaching. I recently travelled with friends to Charlton in the Wimmera District to attend the Annual Charlton Show. Country hospitality was at its best and everyone so friendly and welcoming. I entered some of my work into the ‘Craft Pavilion’ for judging and was absolutely thrilled to receive several awards. We set up a market stall which gained a lot of interest and we also had a interactive space teaching needlework, jewellery craft and fun things for the kids. It was great to see the show well attended by local families, the ladies dressed up for the occasion and the weather was perfect. We stayed until late and watched a fabulous fireworks display to end the show. Cxx