Quilt Update (Museum Medallion)


Its the second day of spring and life is showing everywhere. The tiny buds are starting to shoot on the trees, the daffodil and jonquils are in bloom and the tulips are about to flower. I had a lovely day sewing with Judy Newman’s class at Millrose cottage on the weekend. My Museum Medallion Quilt is taking shape and was delighted to find my second border fabric, which means I can push on a little further, as I aim to have it completely pieced by the years end. So far I have hand pieced ‘point to point’ 585 pieces. I never thought I had it in me to take on such a task however as in the true spirit of a beginner quilter I have enjoyed every step and watching it evolve. Cxx

2 thoughts on “Quilt Update (Museum Medallion)

  1. I had no idea you were a ‘beginner quilter’ Christine. I am in awe. I was thinking about my next project and wondering if I could do something so intricate. Jennifer


    1. Dear Jennifer
      Thank you for your lovely comment. Regards to your query, I have completed some patchwork projects before but not anything as significant as this and such a large scale. The total project is hand sewn, with what is named ‘point to point’ hand piecing. I have had excellent tuition from Judy Newman from the outset, who’s pattern it is (averyfinehouse09.blogspot.com/) and good and timely advice from other quilters including my sister on the ‘finer points’ of this type of work. It does require focus, patience and a certain amount of precision but if you measure, draw and cut your pieces well from the start there is little that can go wrong. I am a textile artist with passion and quilter by intention and choice. I will go on and complete other quilts I am sure but still love my other work which is more about design, colour and creative abandon for me. I have faith that you could achieve something like this. Ensure that you have someone who is a quilter to assist with interpreting the pattern, have an idea of your fabric colours, organise your pieces as you cut them into plastic seal lock bags and seek advice when the going gets tricky. You can also contact me and could assist in what ever way I can. Best wishes Christine


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