Love a button designs


Quote ” Buttons are like mothers . . . .they hold everything together” Author unknown.

I have been back to my button jewellery for a bit of a break from textile work and just love working with this medium. I took a few pieces along to a recent retreat. The ladies loved them and I have a few bookings for classes as a result and wish to thank everyone sincerely for your ongoing support.

Labels and Tags


I am forever on the look out and thinking about creative ideas for a distinctive hand made finish. Following on with the gingham theme I thought this idea looked appealing and have developed this idea further making individual labels with fabrics I have used in a project.

Vintage Squares


Quote – “But the kitchen will not come into its own again until it ceases to be a status symbol and becomes again a workshop. It may be pastel. It may be ginghamed as to curtains and shining with copper like a picture in a woman’s magazine. But you and I will know it chiefly by its fragrances and its clutter. At the back of the stove will sit a soup kettle, gently bubbling, one into which every day are popped leftover bones and vegetables to make stock for sauces or soup for the family. Carrots and leeks will sprawl on counters, greens in a basket. There will be something sweet-smelling twirling in a bowl and something savory baking in the oven. Cabinet doors will gape ajar and colored surfaces are likely to be littered with salt and pepper and flour and herbs and cheesecloth and pot holders and long-handled forks. It won’t be neat. It won’t even look efficient. but when you enter it you will feel the pulse of life throbbing from every corner. The heart of the home will have begun once again to beat.” Phyllis McGinley

You would have to agree that there is something ‘levelling’ about this quote. When I read it, it warmed my heart as much as working with the red and white gingham in these projects. I was transported to a place in my childhood in the 50s where this fabric was widely available in a range of colours, economical to buy and used often to decorate. When I see gingham in a home it feels unpretentious and welcoming, warm and simple.